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There’s one fact about casino life that never changes. Wherever you are in the world, if you’re near the table games, you’ll always hear the endless clicking of chips as gamblers stack and restack their chips.
Playing with chips while you wait for the next shoe is the gambler’s equivalent of “worry beads,” the beads that you let drop through your fingers while you consider the world and your fate.
With bush fires surrounding Sydney in early 2002, worry beads would have been useful. You couldn’t get much hotter down under.
The fires upset a lot of people who couldn’t get near their casinos and poker machines.
When you’re confined to your house because of raging bush fires, you can count on the Internet to supply some real online entertainment.
If you happened to be trapped in the bush, with howling dingoes outside your tent for company, a laptop computer would enable you to log on and play for fun or real money, and you could forget about the elements, and the vastness of the Australian outback.
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The real benefit is of course that you are dealing with a professional and experienced group of companies who always put the customer first.
Some people wonder if there’s any difference between online casino operators, as surely they offer much the same thing?
Don’t be fooled into that one. They are as different as chalk and cheese or, to use another simile, as different as a shiny new Rolls Royce and a cranky old Volkswagen with 500,000 miles on the clock.
The best sites offer faultless games with fast-loading graphics, prompt payment to winners, and friendly, helpful staff to assist you with any queries, and better still, a real Las Vegas-style experience direct from home.
The worst ones are likely to crash your computer even before you start, and if you win, you could wait a very long time for payment. Instead of your boomerang not coming back, it’ll be your winnings!
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