Your Lucky Day At Gambling Names!
Words have power. They evoke emotional responses. If you are a gambler, many words hit you, especially if you haven’t played the tables in a long while. Take the simple ones, like double, stand, surrender, or phrases like “they’re coming out,” “one card to the player,” “ante please.”
Gamblers must be the only people to do a double take if a friend asks them whether they take insurance.
Even the word “gambling” in some circles can cause maiden aunts to have apoplexy, while others will just be suffused with a warm glow.
It’s more polite (politically correct) these days to say “gaming.” There’s much talk about “responsible gaming” too. Try telling that to a hardened gambler and you risk receiving a punch on the nose!
Some words have either good or bad connotations depending on the circumstance. When you “bust” at blackjack it’s no fun but when the dealer busts, it’s smiles all round.
Blackjack, roulette, keno, craps, video poker, slots, all these words mean so much if you play any or all of these games.
Top of them all is probably “Las Vegas,” followed a close second by “casino.”
Put them together and you get the most powerful and memorable three words associated with gambling. Las Vegas Casino.
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